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Nepal blames India as flood toll nears 70

 -  IANS

July 30 2007 - Nepal's political parties have begun clamouring for the dismantling of barrages and embankments built by India near the border, holding them responsible for aggravating the deluge in southern Nepal that claimed nearly 70 lives in less than a week.

Nepal's home ministry said incessant rain in the Terai plains has killed at least 69 people. Floods have hit 28 districts out of 75, affecting over 87,000 people.

Stung by criticism that the government had not been able to send timely relief to the victims, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala's government said it had earmarked Nepali Rs.50 million for rescue and rehabilitation operations.

Ministers, bureaucrats and MPs have pledged part of their salaries to assist the flood-hit areas.

The deluge has created food and drinking water scarcity with reports of waterborne diseases breaking out.

Besides fever, diarrhoea has struck at least three districts - Ramechhap, Salyan and Arghakhanchi - killing at least five, media reports said.

Four deaths have been reported due to snakebite as well.

While the government appealed to humanitarian and donor agencies at home and abroad to assist in relief operations, there have been mounting accusations by MPs cutting across party lines that the government has failed to hold parleys with India about the perennial issue of inundation.

Several barrages and embankments built on the Indian side of the border are being blamed for aggravating the inundation in Nepal.

For three days, legislators, especially from the communist parties, including the Maoists, have raised the issue in parliament and accused Koirala of failing to resolve it with the Indian authorities.

Source : IANS

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