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Nepal announces date for crucial elections

 -  AFP

Jan 12 2008, Kathmandu - Crucial elections to decide Nepal's political future will be held on April 10, a minister said Friday.

"The cabinet decided to hold constituent assembly elections" on April 10, Maoist forestry minister Matrika Prasad Yadhav told reporters as he left a cabinet meeting.

The polls are key to Nepal's fragile peace process and will elect a body to rewrite the impoverished Himalayan nation's constitution.

The vote was supposed to be held in June 2007 but were postponed to November and then further delayed because of Maoist demands that the monarchy be immediately scrapped.

The ultra-leftists quit the government in the row over the future of the monarchy and other issues but returned last month after lawmakers agreed to abolish the centuries-old institution and declare a republic.

However, King Gyanendra will remain on the throne for the time being as the deal between the Maoists and the government to make Nepal a republic will only be put into effect at the first meeting of a new constituent assembly.

The Maoists ended their "people's war" to topple the monarchy in late 2006, and have since joined the government and confined their guerilla army to UN-supervised camps.
Source : AFP

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